“Linsanity”PBL Curriculum

Teacher Guide: decker_emsummer16_temples_teacherguide_editable MATERIALS: Powerpoint Presentation (Project 1-4): stereotypes- Culture Map (Project 1):  1decker_emsummer16_project1_materials_culturemap- Matching Game (Project # 2): docx-1-1linsanity_project1_matching-game-1 SMART Goal Worksheet (Project # 3)linsanity_project3_smart-goal-setting-worksheet-1- Practice Schedule (Project # 3): 1linsanity_project3_practice- Creativity & Innovation, PBL Rubric (Project # 4):linsanity_creatiityandinnovation_rubric-   Advertisements

Experiential Module Reflective Essay

For my experiential module, I designed a series of projects based on the “Linsanity” documentary as a supplementary curriculum for elementary Mandarin teachers in grades 2-5. My final product is a teacher guide explaining how to teach/guide/direct each of the four projects. In addition, I created several materials that are necessary to complete the final… Continue reading Experiential Module Reflective Essay

Textbook Review

Integrated Chinese, Level 1, Third Edition Integrated Chinese, Level 1, Part 1 (2009) is a beginner Mandarin Chinese textbook suitable for university and “advanced language” high school students without a Chinese learning background (xiv). The textbook has been known for its commitment to the “integration of the four language skills (listening, speaking, reading, and writing)”… Continue reading Textbook Review

Intercultural Evidence

Activity Design 3: Intercultural Field Research Name: Lindsay K Decker Communicative Mode: Presentational Speaking/Writing Intercultural Elements : Knowledge/Reflection     Interpreting & relating   Critical cultural awareness PPT Presentation: decker_portfolio_culturalrequirement_activity3_presentation Live Presentation Overview: Source Activity: Intercultural Field Research (Corbett, 2010) This particular activity did not make it to the final version of our textbook. I found it in pdf… Continue reading Intercultural Evidence

Assessment Evidence

I. PPT Presentation:  decker_flt808_finalassessmentpresentation-1 II. Live Presentation III. Written Report: Kenwood Academy Mandarin 2 Test Modification, Administration & Analysis Lindsay K. Decker Michigan State University   Abstract This report details the modification, administration, and analysis of Mrs. Qiong Chen’s Mandarin exam. The exam is based primarily on textbook content and workbook practice from the Revised Edition… Continue reading Assessment Evidence

Technology-Infused Lesson Plan

Teacher: Lindsay Decker Lesson Title: “What Makes You Mad?” Lesson Source: http://web.cortland.edu/flteach/flteach-lessons_db.html Lesson Level: Elementary, Beginner Low to Mid Lesson Objectives: 1) Students will learn and discuss phrases of anger in the target language and compare them to their own language’s phrases  2) Students will fill-in a table using the target language about what makes them… Continue reading Technology-Infused Lesson Plan